A Women’s Shamanic Theater Collective

Anima is a women’s shamanic theater collective, whose mission is to give voice to the feminine subconscious for the purpose of bringing individual and collective transformation.

Every quarter beginning May 31, 2017, we create a forum for women share our dreams, fantasies, secrets, rants, revelations, alter egos, erotic stories and vulnerable moments on stage through dance, song, poetry, theater and performance art.

Show Dates:

Wednesday May 31 2017 Center Stage Theater (address and contact info for tix)

Wednesday Oct 4 2017 Center Stage Theater (address etc)

Tickets: $25 in advance $30 at the door

Submissions to:

All submissions must be sent in writing 3 months prior to next show

Include your name, email and phone number, a brief description of your piece, the category of your piece (ex-song, dance, etc), the tone of your piece (ex-deep, dark, sensual, silly, etc.) and the approximate length of your piece (between two and ten minutes).

Bio and photo:

Lisa Citore is a pleasure activist, performance artist and a teacher of sacred sexuality. She has led Tantra workshops in southern California for over 14 years. She is the writer, director and producer of four theater productions: The Tao of Sex, Bloodlines/Women’s Moon Stories, Riding The Dragon and Keep It Wet. She has studied with top teachers in the field such as Margot Anand, Shakti Malan, David Deida, Michaela Boehm and Bodhi Avinasha. She has extensive knowledge of Goddess practices through the 13 Moon Mystery School. In 2015 she began the Women’s Sexual Mystery School, to liberate feminine sensuality, creativity, wisdom and power. Her provocative rap music video, On Your Knees, hits the internet Feb 14 2016. She is currently working on her first book, The Pleasure Path. She does private intimacy coaching with couples and intuitive healing massage and pelvic release work with women.

Anima Creative Spark Series (women only)

Beginning Tuesday June 20 2017

6 Tuesday evenings 7-930 pm

Pescadrome 101 S. Quarantina Santa Barbara

$150 if registered by June 15 / $175 after

followed by a performance at the Pescadrome mid September (date tbd)

This six week series is designed to take participants on a journey from their subconscious to the stage. (leave more room for text)

Week 1: Diving into the Dark (leave room for text under each)

Week 2: Mining the Gold

Week 3: Crafting the Story

Week 4: Editing and Expanding from the Personal to Universal

Week 5: Accessorizing for the Stage (Visuals, Sound effects, Costumes, Props)

Week 6: Becoming the Rock Star

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