A Perfect Gift for Any Relationship

 for Improving your Sex Life and Relationship

Tantra Date Night
Tantra Date Night: Preparing for the Ceremony

Great for Long Term Relationships


In long term relationships, cultivating healthy mystery is just as important as cultivating intimacy. Tantra Date Night is designed to inspire a fresh perspective in your minds and hearts – so that even if you’ve known each other for a lifetime – you can see and experience your intimacy as if it were the first time.

Great for New Relationships and Dating

Most sex can be good.  But great sex comes from a deep, penetrating presence and surrendering to a force greater than ourselves. Tantra Date Night  allows you to cultivate your greatest assets, and transform your hidden weaknesses  so that you empower yourself to make every experience and every lover into the greatest intimacy and connection of your life.
Tantra Date Night: Expanding Your Receptivity

Instructional eBook

Easy to follow instructions give you access to complex Tantra techniques for cultivating sexual desire, pleasure and deeper intimacy.

Instructional Audio

13 Tantra Practices, accompanied to beautiful music, help you to let go of blocks and open to a more fulfilling erotic experience.

Deepen Intimacy

Sexual Mastery Practices proven to turn on sexual desire, increase sensual intelligence and bring more devotional presence to sexual union.

Unlock the Mystery

We’re providing you with the keys to empowering your sexual desire and taking your capacity for sensual play to the next level.

Created by Tantra Teacher and Intimacy Coach, Lisa Citore

Lisa Citore, founder of the Sexual Mystery School, and author of the poem, If You Want to Change the World, Love a Woman, has put her 20 years of helping couples have better sex lives in this combination of eBook and MP3 guided audio meditations to spark your passion, sensual intelligence and bring more creativity, presence and erotic love to your relationship.

Tantra Date Night: Unleash your Inner Tiger

Unleash Your Inner Tiger

Experience tantric meditations and techniques that will bring you sexual  excstasy and fulfill your deepest potential as a lover.  Tantra Date Night contains tools for expanding your physical pleasure, capacity for longer and more intense orgasms, and attunement to your lover’s body and desire that will give you the clarity and confidence to be the best they’ve ever had…

Tantra is CrossFit for Your Sex Life

Sustain ecstatic states longer, bringing more stamina and presence to  your experience.   As you expand your capacity to love and be loved, you will begin to see your partner and the world around you with a deeper sense of presence, devotion, and curiosity.  Your wildest fantasies and most intense pleasure is awaiting you within Tantra Date Night

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